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About Warmerdam Packing

Warmerdam Packing and its farming division, Excelsior Farming, were founded in 1965 by Bill and Audrey Warmerdam. The company, now overseen by John Warmerdam, grows and packs plums, kiwis and cherries and is one of the largest cherry growers in the southern San Joaquin Valley. Our fruit can be found in your local grocery store or shipped anywhere in the United States or even shipped overseas to other countries.  During the cherry season, we are one of the largest employers in Kings County.

As innovators in California’s Fruit packing industry for more than 45 years, the Warmerdam family has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity.

Our Approach to doing business is straightforward: We combine sophisticated agricultural technologies with an old-fashioned commitment to quality. It’s a proven strategy that delivers beautiful, delicious fruit to consumers at a premium profit to growers.

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